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Microsoft GSIC: Growing Sports Tech Globally

Global Sports Innovation Center (GSIC) has a primary goal of improving the value chain of the Sports Industry by leveraging the most advanced technologies, enabling business connections among startups, sports organizations, educational institutions and enterprise organizations. 

The GSIC provides its members with a unique environment for networking, knowledge transfer, new projects development, business and visibility, while other organizations will find an excellence ecosystem to access innovation services, disruptive technology and leading partners to address their challenges.

Rohn Malhotra, Co-Founder, SportsTechX

The European Sports Tech Landscape


SportsTechX is a leading source for data & insights about SportsTech startups and the surrounding ecosystem, with the overall goal to promote and grow the international ecosystem.

SportsTechX supports selected startups and works with investors and organisations in sports and adjacent industries, offering services in the fields of innovation strategies, market intelligence and startup initiatives.

European Sports Tech Startup Showcase

Football Wizard

Football is the most popular sport in the world, but fan behavior is changing. Today, when fans watch games, their attention is  divided between TV and Smartphone. 

Others don’t even watch the game live but opt to record it and watch it later. Football Wizard is changing the way we watch LIVE football by allowing fans to interact with the matches in real time by making live predictions, winning or losing WIZOs as they watch the game.

It enhances the experience of watching football and tests fans’ knowledge of the game while they compete with their friends and other fans around the world. Our technology allows us to be the only game offering real time predictions based on real live odds.


Ideation of FOOTYLIGHT was back in 2014 from our personal frustration as FOOTBALL fans. Officially released in 2017, FOOTYLIGHT is a matchmaking platform between digital football fans and content owners, currently serving 1M+ fans through apps and social channels. 

It records a user’s personal preferences and offers the right content at the right moment while connecting with similar mindset fans. Also, it offers content hyper-targeting to asset owners (leagues, clubs) for better content monetization. Our vision is to create the largest connected football network.  


Genuino will transform the sports memorabilia market by turning game-worn sports apparel into AAA-rated investments that are tradable and trustable. As athletes take the court during a Champions League game their jerseys are activated by IoT sensors allowing fans to bid LIVE through our proprietary web and mobile applications. Imagine bidding LIVE on a Zlatan Ibrahimovic jersey while he’s having a career night at San Siro’s stadium in Milan – it would be a special experience. 


ThermoHuman is a tech startup focused on injury prevention in sports and health with Infrared Thermography. Our cloud service extracts thermal information of more than a hundred body regions in a few seconds to measure the thermal behaviour of the skin temperature, helping sport professionals to better understand thermal physiology and to provide better decision making in their daily routines from an objective point of view.


Usually, when a coach works with team, all data about their development he records on the paper or at best in the Excel. We are used to the fact, that only adult sports require professional solutions, however – children’s sport has the same problems. A huge amount of data is lost or needs qualitative analysis.

Our solution is YoPlayDo – Young Player Dossier. The platform helps to keep records of data and statistics of young players. Just by a few clicks you can keep track on children professional and physical development from any device, at any time. The system is easy to use – it was developed in cooperation with professional football coaches.

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