Why The Green & Gold Road To 2032 Begins In Brisbane This September


Over the next decade Australia will be host to dozens of major international sporting events, culminating with the biggest in the world with the 2032 Summer Olympic Games in Brisbane. This growth in sporting events is matched by the growth in the use of data, digital and technology in sports. The Australian market for sports innovation and technology is one of the most exciting and dynamic globally. The Australian Sports Technologies Network (ASTN) just released research showing the local sports tech industry is home to 600+ companies, 17,000 jobs and has expanded to a whopping $2.5 billion market size (by comparison, the FinTech industry in Australia is $4 billion).

This presents a unique opportunity over a 10 year runway to supercharge the growth of a “New Sports Economy” in Australia, underpinned by local tech innovation. So if you’re an executive, researcher, marketer, engineer, technologist or investor in sports, how do you make the most of this green and golden opportunity?

The starting point is one of our favourite days of the year: the Australian Sports Technology Conference. After a two year online hiatus, this year the Conference will be back in-person on Friday 2nd September in Brisbane, QLD.

The event is the premier sports innovation business networking and educational event in the APAC region. For the last 7 years this Conference has been connecting those with a passion for the most innovative trends and practices at the intersection of data, digital and technology with sports, entertainment, fitness and health.

If you’re still not convinced that you should be in Brisbane on Friday 2nd September, here’s three reasons why it’s now more important than ever to attend in-person conferences:

Build powerful relationships
Over the last two and a half years there has been seismic shifts in the Australian sports innovation landscape. In addition to breakthroughs in technology, there are new companies, new talent and new leadership across the ecosystem. One of the best ways Australia can achieve some of its lofty aims of being a sports industry powerhouse is through gathering together the right people to share the right ideas. Everyone is busy with their day-to-day work, but those that seek to change tomorrow know the value of taking time out to develop trusted, enduring relationships. There’s no better way to do that than by connecting face to face. To ensure that people are at the core of these events, we deliberately keep the price to an affordable level to ensure that it’s accessible to everyone that makes up this industry, from start-ups to C-level executives and anyone in between.

Keep up with new strategies, new technologies & new ideas
Sports Tech is one of the fastest changing industries in the world. The adjacent markets of Sports, Entertainment and Health are highly competitive industries with customers that understand the value of data and technology. Since we first started organising global sports technology conferences in 2015, the market for sports technology has “structurally moved” by about 30% per year and that pace of change is only increasing. For example, artificial intelligence (AI) was first introduced at our conferences in around 2018 as a “hot topic” but today in 2022 it’s entered the mainstream.

Learn directly from the doers
Realizing the potential benefits of sports technology is a complex, interconnected challenge and to be successful requires excellent stakeholders’ engagement both on-and-off field. For example, let’s say a sports organisation is looking to a new “Metaverse/Web 3.0” platform implementation with the intention of improving monetisation whilst still ensuring fan loyalty. There are literally dozens of stakeholders – front office executives, digital marketing, analytics, engineers and even athletes – required to be consulted along the strategy and implementation journey. To make matters more complex there are a huge amount of vendors offering these solutions, with many more start-ups launching in the space. At the Australian Sports Technology Conference you’ll learn from teams, leagues and sports properties that are actually implementing these revolutionary technologies. Learn first-hand from their challenges and successes and how you can help your organisation.

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Join us at the Australian Sports Technology Conference – Friday 2nd September 2022 – Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, QLD, Australia.

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