Sports Tech World Series is the global community for people at the intersection of sports, digital and technology.


Welcome to the first post of our new Sports Technology World Series community blog. We will be using this platform to share the latest developments, current news, interesting research, future trends, exclusive offers from partners, as well as upcoming major industry events from across the world.

The Sports Tech World Series is the global community for those interested in the intersection of sport and technology. Our mission is to help you learn, connect, grow, invest, work and discover the world of sports technology from anywhere in the world through events, training, industry awards, online content, podcasts, market entry support, consulting and more!

We are excited to be expanding with some new services to help connect our large international Sports Tech Community and we’ll soon be announcing a number of new initiatives, including:

  • Sports Investor Network: Helping connect Startups to Investors from around the world
  • Sports Tech Booster Pack: Helping young companies to build early awareness, education and traction
  • Expert Network: Supporting federations, teams stadiums and venues connect and have 1:1 consultations with subject-matter and technical experts from the world of Sports, Media, Entertainment, Digital Health, Esports, Venues and Artificial Intelligence
  • Accreditation and Certification Programs: Helping sports organizations enable best practice and standardize knowledge among their teams to most appropriately deal with sporting data.

We see these services as natural compliments to our international conference series, training courses and podcast series. Feel free to get in touch with us at if you have any partnership or cool ideas you’d like to discuss.

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