Company Information

Supponor Ltd. The Company offers technology that replaces stadium billboards with billboard advertising specifically tailored to viewers during live broadcast sporting events. Supponor is an innovative sports media and technology company that develops and commercializes digital billboard replacement technology. Its DBRLive technology is revolutionising perimeter advertising in sports. Traditional perimeter advertising in sports are replaced with broadcasts with virtual, digital content. Fans across the world watching a live sporting event see live TV feeds identical in every way – but with pitch-side advertisements relevant to them.

Supponor’s highly skilled software engineers in the research and development team in Espoo, Finland, work constantly to refine and further develop the technology underpinning DBRLive, pushing boundaries to create new value for our clients and partners. It markets its technology to broadcasters throughout Europe.
Supponor is a privately-held company, owned by management, private investors and VC funds – Sports Investment Partners, Northzone and Conor.