Company Information

In 2017, Dan St Paul (formally a sports performance analyst turned software developer) founded Sports Data Solutions off the back of successfully building a tailored Athlete Management System for his previous employer. From there, Dan has had great success consulting for various sporting organisations and has expanded the services of Sports Data Solutions to include technical education.

In 2020, Dan and Sports Data Solutions are looking to help create and support a new generation of tech and data savvy talent exclusively for the sports industry. With the Sport x Code (SXC) initiative, they are inspired by the idea of unlocking the potential of your learners by introducing specific data and programming techniques, skills and software, for the benefit of sporting teams/organisations and businesses from around the world. Along with their SXC platform and courses (in programming, data science, software development and project management), learners will also gain access to an online community of industry specialists, software/data specialists and technical support teams that aim to aid them on their SXC journeys and beyond. If you are interested in finding out more, just get in touch and we’ll organise an introduction to the initiative!