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Motion Capture for Sport
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Xsens MVN Analyze gives you lab-quality motion capture data in field conditions.

Xsens MVN Analyze
– Can be used anywhere, in the lab or on the field
– Is immune to magnetic distortions, even in the most challenging environments
– Gives you consistent and validated data
– Quick and easy setup

What's Exciting

Xsens is developing a cloud based platform for generating automated assessment reports using Xsens motion capture data captured with MVN Analyze. Making an easy and fast Xsens workflow from attaching sensors, calibrating, HD reprocessing and creating reports available in minutes.

Data Capture and Analysis
Health / Med Tech, Performance Data Analytics, Wearables / Smart Devices
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English Institute of Sport, Exeter Chiefs, Team Sunweb,

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Enschede, Netherlands
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Remco Sikkema
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Senior Marketing Manager
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