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Athlete and Human Measurement Technologies
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We are an Italian Sport-tech company founded in 2016. We wanted to bring high-end technology to amateur and professionals of the outdoor sports world. After two years of development and beta testing, we came up with a new tracking technology. We created and patented a data fusion algorithm that can gather high level metrics for action sports, using the data points retrieved from consumers’ device sensors. In 2018 we launched WHIP LIVE on the Apple App Store and Android Play Store. In 2020, after consistently improving the app, we added the new Plus functions. WHIP LIVE is now the ultimate social network for outdoor sports passionates, allowing to track, navigate, plan routes, explore trails and get 24/7 outdoor safety.

What's Exciting

With WHIP LIVE we have created a global community for runners, cyclists and motorcyclists who use our technology to support,improve and connect their everyday sports experiences.WHIP LIVE analyzes from 4 to 20 times more data points than a common tracking app. We delivered a leading platform for the running, cycling and riding community to track their performance and share it, navigate, plan routes and increase safety. All this, with the quality of a professional hardware, but with the connectivity and price of an App.

Data Capture and Analysis
GPS Tracking, Performance Data Analytics, Social Media
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Husqvarna, KTM, Cellularline

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Perugia, Italy
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Andreas Becca
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Junior Marketing
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