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Smart Scouting and Performance Analysis
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The Company’s innovative idea is basically based on the use of Data Science tools in the field of sports Data, that is, in the creation and development of systems and algorithms that allow you to analyze huge amounts of data in a short time.
The strength of Wallabies algorithms is distinct in their self-refinement capacity as historical data increases and are known in the world of Artificial Intelligence as Machine Learning Algorithm.
Given a very large dataset, we extrapolate, gesture, and process football information about every single player in order to find comparable players, their market value, their ranking and, where possible, predict (through predictive analysis) their future sports performance.

What's Exciting

Wallabies Smart Scouting is The Easiest Way To Find New Champions. Thanks to our algorithms, it is possible to compare thousands of players in one click. The speed and knowledge with only one click. With the algorithms of wallabies, it is possible to make capital gains. Wallabies Performance Index is an objective metric extrapolated from the over 7 thousand variables analyzed for each player in every game. We are able to monitor the performance of the players match by match. We can monitor the performance of every single player not only week by week, but also highlight the best position on the field for a player and provide features not directly observable like stress, leadership and so on.

Athlete Performance or Tracking
AI (Artificial Intelligence), Business Intelligence, Performance Data Analytics
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Football (Soccer)
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US Sassuolo Calcio, Associazione Calcio Monza S.p.A,

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Milan, Italy
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Luigi Libroia
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CEO & Founder
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