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Athlete and Human Measurement Technologies
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Never before have we been able to tap into the full potential of human body’s capabilities as we can today by utilizing Wearables and Performance enhancement
technology. These products are revolutionizing athlete training delivering quantifiable results. The fact is that the majority of that technology is outdoor-oriented for
sports like running or cycling, but there isn’t any efficient technology-oriented to improve in the gym. This is why Vitruve borns, to revolutionize the strength training in the gym, measuring the lifts in the gym with the most advanced hardware and giving objective data in order to know what is happening in the gym and allowing the coach to make decisions to improve more than ever. Our target is all athletes whatever their sport is. We are focused specifically in colleges, high schools, and high-performance facilities.

What's Exciting

We are launching a new coach platform for iOS, where a coach can manage hundreds of athletes, also compare them, and make them compete with a leaderboard. This will increase the fun in the weight room and make the training more efficient. We are also partnering with exercise equipment distributors in order to reach new clients and expand our company across the US.

Athlete Performance or Tracking
AI (Artificial Intelligence), Fitness Tech, Performance Data Analytics
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Inter of Miami, Deportivo Alavés (LaLiga), Southeastern Oklahoma University, San Diego University, Beimel Beisbol Athletics

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Madrid, Spain
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Oscar Repiso
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