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Video Tracking and Analytics Across Social Platforms
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Videocites is a video tracking and analytics company that developed a novel video-AI technology that tracks all copies of your content (official and UGC) across the social networks.
Tracking all copies of your videos, either VOD or Live allows Videocites to provide an holistic solution that protects your proprietary content from piracy while monitoring and boosting your promotional content (e.g. highlights) as it is re-uploaded and engaged by fans.

Videocites is backed by a large strategic partner (Infront Sports) and is working closely with our customers to maximize the value of your content while building your brand.

What's Exciting

Videocites is constantly developing its products and services together with its customers:

1. Discover is breaking the speed of detection and takedown of live and VOD copies. It is now already detecting Serie A live copies within 1-2 minutes, allowing a takedown process of up to 5 minutes from the upload of an illegal copy.

2. MediaTrack has now evolved to show also In-Game engagement and viewership of highlights and promotional content including all of their copies re-uploaded by fans to the social platforms while the game is running (performed in real-time).

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