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Displaying Home Fan Support In The Stadium
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In a time of empty stadium, fans cannot participate in live events … but they want to and teams cannot see and feel their fans support anymore.
Our solution: A live, interactive experience displaying the collective emotional connection of the audience
We create live, interactive experiences displaying the collective emotional pulse of the fans, both at home and in the stadium.
Now, individuals can put their heart in the game – literally.

What's Exciting

We have our prototype ready and working, as well as the web display.
We are member of the Global Sport Innovation Center (GSIC) powered my Microsoft and based in Madrid
We’re also part of the Microsoft premium start up program (March).
Thanks to our work on Heart Rate from mobile we recently started to work with Samsung Innovation Center.
Finally we’re working on displaying global emotional response of the fans during the games.

Fan and Sponsor Engagement
Fan Analytics, Health / Med Tech
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Football (Soccer)
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Melbourne, Australia
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Damien Lafont
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CEO, co-founder
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