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Sports performance data provider and extraction company
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Ubitrack provides complete, clean and comprehensive raw data to sports analytics companies. Through automation and high-tech it is our goal to be a one-stop-shop for data to sports analysts. The data is acquired through our proprietary “Optical detection, tracking and identification system”. Utilizing state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms, our system is able to recognize and track everything on the pitch – all the players, the ball and even the referees.
We are presently servicing the football (soccer) sector and will soon enter other sports as well.

What's Exciting

Ubitrack is in negotiations for its first league-wide contract and is raising capital to facilitate the implementation of our technology in more football leagues.
Later this year we are going to start implementing our technology in other pitch-based sports like rugby and american football.
Apart from supplying the market with the high-quality data it desperately needs, we are going to implement AI on the collected data so new and exciting patterns and dependencies can be identified which will further improve the analytics sector and even fan-engagement.

Athlete Performance or Tracking
AI (Artificial Intelligence), Computer Vision, Official Data Provider
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Football (Soccer)
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FC Levski-Rakovski, Nesebar Cup

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Sofia, Bulgaria
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Nikolay Tashev
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