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Audience Analytics for Businesses of All Sizes
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Trufan empowers businesses of any size to make smarter marketing decision using data. Their audience analytics platform SocialRank helps businesses identify and segment their valuable followers on social media, reach new audiences through micro-influencers, and understand what resonates with their social audience. If you don’t want to analyze your social profile, don’t worry because SocialRank is also the only platform in the world that has a database of over 2 billion social profiles and 10 million audience reports. Analyze those accounts just like they were yours.

Trufan services marquee brands like Samsung, Netflix, NBA, NFL and PUMA along with thousands of small to medium sized businesses. The Toronto based company is backed by some of the world’s biggest names in the world of sports, media and venture capital.

What's Exciting

To help small businesses and athletes during this tough time, Trufan released an offering where any SMB or athlete under 25K followers could get 45 day free access to SocialRank. In the next few weeks, Trufan is releasing website changes for the Trufan and SocialRank sites. Part of those changes include releasing a free plan that anyone in the world can sign up for. We also rolled out a pricing plan that is conducive for small businesses with transactional plans starting at $24/month.

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NBA, NFL, PUMA, Turner Sports, Bleacher Report

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Toronto, Canada
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