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Horse monitoring technology
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Trackener has developed a 24/7 remote horse monitoring technology. It enables horse owners and vets to get peace of mind and to take the best care of the horse thanks to unique insights. The Trackener horse wearable measures the horse’s activity, sleep, location and heart rate, and alerts the user in case of signs of a critical problem. Our technology is also used for a lot of equine science research projects to collect some accurate data.

What's Exciting

We are constantly implementing more and more health problems detection algorithms. We want to stay the leaders in equine health problems detection, prediction and prevention with data science.

Athlete Performance or Tracking
Fitness Tech, GPS Tracking, Wearables / Smart Devices
Sports Tag
Equestrian / Horse Racing
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University of Liverpool vet school, Royal Veterinary College, Lots of leisure horse owners

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London, United Kingdom
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Pauline Issard
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