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Automated Optical Tracking for Football
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Track160 is changing the game of optical tracking for football, making it affordable and accessible to any club and academy. Track160 Optical Tracking System is the only solution that generates accurate and reliable 3D positional data automatically from video cameras located in a single viewpoint, without any human operator, thus making it very affordable and easy to use.
Track160’s technology relies on Deep Learning techniques, creating, for each player a 3D skeleton and virtual fingerprint from various attributes, enabling player and ball tracking and recognition even in toughest situations, providing accurate performance and tactical analysis to the coaching staff

What's Exciting

Limb tracking and Deep Learning provide us the capability of training our system on how a football action looks like, enabling automatic tagging of events, that up to now, were all tagged manually.
The automated data, tagging, and analytics, including parameters such as space control and torso orientation (via our limb tracking capabilities) will provide the analyst an automated video gallery, easily accessing the clips she needs for analyzing the match.
The solution will reduce the manual tagging of matches, freeing up the team analysts to focus on the actual insights, improving the players and team.

Athlete Performance or Tracking
AI (Artificial Intelligence), Athlete Empowerment / Promotion, Computer Vision
Sports Tag
Football (Soccer)
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TSG Hoffenheim, FIFA, Japan National Team, Philadelphia Union, Maccabi Tel-Aviv

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Tel Aviv, Israel
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Amir Shani
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VP Product Management
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