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Automated Video Highlight Platform
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Leveraging its automation platform, Thuuz Sports enables Personalized Clips, Highlight Reels, and Condensed Games: any duration, any perspective, involving any set of plays, players, fantasy rosters, narratives, and themes. Thuuz Sports also offers a Subjective Sports Metadata Service that enables its customers to deliver sports apps and guides that deliver a true personalized experience to their fans based on leveraging Thuuz Sports excitement ratings, dynamic headlines, and real-time notifications. Thuuz Sports customers reach well over 150 million sports fans worldwide and include some of the biggest names in the industry.

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Thuuz recently did it’s first integration with existing software, integrating with Adobe, giving editors access to Thuuz’s highlights engine to build the most exciting highlights and clips in Premiere Pro. Through a simple export from Thuuz’s SmartReels portal, the desired clips and highlights populate quickly and cleanly for the editor, making the system more efficient than ever before.

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NFL, FOX Sports (US & Australia), NBC Sports, IBM, Deltatre

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Palo Alto, United States
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