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Performance monitoring of all levels tennis players
Company Summary

Tennis Commander has been established in 2017, and since then is also a spin-off of the university of Pisa. Its main goal is to democratise the analysis of data in sport, starting from tennis. In other words, we want to bring to everyone the analysis of matches that is typically accessible only to professional players. We developed a mobile app that first collects data through smartphone’s video and through a wearable smartwatch (Android Wear and iOS), and then interpret them through our AI engine to offer the user a higher level view of the situation; from strategic support to comparison with a player’s zone of comfort, to physical performance analysis. All in real-time. A smartcourt wherever you need one!

What's Exciting

We almost completed the development of a version of our solution that relies only on the use of the smartphone to collect data (thus avoiding the use of a smartwatch): less hardware is usually better! Also, we are developing a solution that is tailored to a more and more popular sport quite similar to tennis: Paddle.

Data Capture and Analysis
AI (Artificial Intelligence), Computer Vision, Performance Data Analytics
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Notable Clients

WyLab, FIT (Italian Tennis Federation), TPRA (amateour circuit of FIT)

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Pisa, Italy
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Giuseppe Prencipe
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Tennis Commander CEO, Professor of Computer Science
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