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Tennibot builds autonomous robots for sports
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Tennibot is an autonomous tennis assistant. Tennibot perfectly integrates computer vision and artificial intelligence to save tennis
players, coaches & clubs a lot of wasted time & effort. Tennibot picks up balls all over the court to allow players to hit more balls instead of picking them up. The net camera (station) detects players’ swings and movements on the court. It records matches and creates player heat maps. Basically, Tennibot transforms old tennis courts into a smart court that actually helps your game in every aspect.

What's Exciting

We will change the way people have been playing sports for centuries. No more stopping routines to pick up tennis balls, no more wasting the golf club’s staff time driving around and picking golf balls on the driving range. Tennibot makes sports more efficient and enjoyable by eliminating the tedious parts. It increases the productivity of players and coaches. It adds additional revenue streams to clubs and maximizes the use of their resources.

Athlete Performance or Tracking
AI (Artificial Intelligence), Computer Vision
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Auburn, United States
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Haitham Eletrabi
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CEO & Co-Founder
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