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Objective Brain Health Assessment and Treatment
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We are a neuro technology startup focused on bringing objective measurement to common neurological conditions, and other conditions such as fatigue. We utilize VR with high fidelity eye tracking cameras and emitters to rapidly quantify the brains performance over a series of 60 second assessments. Currently we work with sports, healthcare, and military populations.

What's Exciting

We are in process of migrating to a new Augmented Reality platform, paving the way for more robust and specific assessments of brain performance. We have over 1,500 trained users and are closing in 100,000 patient assessments.

Data Capture and Analysis
Health / Med Tech, Protection / Concussion, VR (Virtual Reality) / AR (Augmented Reality)
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Premier Lacrosse League, Pac 12 Conference, Atlanta Hawks, Washington Wizards, Massachusetts General Hospital

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Palo Alto, United States
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Scott Anderson
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