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Innovative wearable technology for athletes
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Currently Strive is focused on working with teams and organizations, with a goal to help improve their athletes’ performance insights. Strive is a performance monitoring system that has EMG sensors built into compression shorts. Measuring the muscle load (or internal load) of an athlete can give coaches and trainers better insight to how the body is handling the external load and work athletes are completing. Sense3 is a first-of-its kind system for performance monitoring, with sensors that track muscle output of the quads, hamstrings and glutes to deliver comprehensive data in real time. Coaches can now see how hard athletes are working and use the metrics to understand force, fatigue, symmetry and recovery.

What's Exciting

We are currently working with NCAA programs, NFL teams and the US military, with projections to grow our partnerships this year. Sports that we have worked with are football, basketball, soccer, field hockey, baseball and looking to work with other sports as well as we see fit.

Athlete Performance or Tracking
AMS (Athlete Management System), GPS Tracking, Performance Data Analytics
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Utah State University, University of Maryland, Rutgers University, US Military, Mississippi State University

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Bothell, United States
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Kate Okiomah
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