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Full Golf Swing Training Aid
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Strand Sports, Inc. is the manufacturer and distributor of the Swing Align golf swing training aid. We are primarily an online business, operating out of, where we sell the Standard, XL, and Short Game variations of the Swing Align. The site also has a wealth of instructional content to help golfers best utilize the training aid and to learn about the golf swing in a more general sense.

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Swing Align started the year with the announcement of the Swing Align Short Game device. We are currently working on bringing a second, putting specific short game device to market as well. As ever our library of instructional content continues to grow. While we offer shipping to anywhere in the world from our warehouse in Oceanside California, we also have small distributors in the UK and Korea, and we are working with some people to try and bring a Swing align presence to Japan as well.

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Devan Bonebrake

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