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SportsCube is a two-sided marketplace for rights holders and sponsors that helps save valuable time and money by streamlining their sponsorship processes. From initial prospecting, to negotiation, to management, sponsorship can be an enormous and laborious activity. On SportsCube. Rights holders simply list, sell and manage their assets, while sponsors prospect, customise and purchase.

What's Exciting

After the recent covid19 devastation to sport in Australia SportsCube is excited to be adopting great Australian brands and rights holders into our sponsorship ecosystem. The resurgence of sport will provide many new sponsorship listings on the marketplace which presents a great opportunity for brands to secure meaningful partnerships. Another exciting development is that we will be releasing a new activation software that provides tools to develop creative activations based on several key elements such as sponsor goals and rights holder assets.

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Grassroots / Youth, Marketplace, Sponsorship Analytics
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CBRE, University of the Sunshine Coast, AFL Queensland, Clubs Queensland, Red Bull

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Brisbane, Australia
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Jackson Dickfos
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