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Dynamic Stress Load Measurement from an insole
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A HYPE Foundation top 50 global sports data innovation company, that brings to the world of sports an instrumented technology insole with a unique and fresh approach to measuring an athletes dynamic stress load. The data can be analysed in real-time on the field or through remote monitoring. The information will assess an athletes’ metabolic power, fatigue index and dynamic stress load at foot level.
We measure the objective biomechanical data that cannot be observed by the naked eye. Our technology is an essential tool for practitioners, providing them with valuable data and insights into what forces are being applied across the foot and where those forces are focused. This enables practitioners to provide each athlete with a personalised training regime where weaknesses are ironed out, strengths enhanced, and the chance of injury reduced.

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At SportScientia our focus is on building the future not fixing existing problems. The future scalability of our technology is based around an artificial intelligent neural instrument, a network of interconnected layers of algorithms, that will feed and learn from the data it captures. It will change the entire dynamics of how data is read, understood and shared.

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AI (Artificial Intelligence), Performance Data Analytics, Wearables / Smart Devices
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Red Bull

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Singapore, Singapore
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Daniel Vale
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