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Measuring & Developing Athletic Mindset
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We’ve taken the latest research and best practices from Organizational & Sport Psychology and developed an Education software for measuring Athletic Mindset. Once an athlete/coach completes their assessment; we produce an interactive baseline that helps athletes & coaches understand their current mindset with a personalized game plan for these 3 Phases (Preparation, Competition, Teamwork ), 8 Factors (Workstyle, Coachability, Grit, Team Orientation, Leadership Potential, Focus, Drive and Mental Toughness), 22 Sub-Dimensions, and 7 unique Situations.

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We have some unique partnerships with some mental performance coaches where we are going to build out our mental skills section of the software and connect our athletes to a community of elite performance coaches.

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Performance Data Analytics
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Yale, syracuse, towson, VCU, marquette

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ann arbor, United States
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Casey Cittadino
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