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AI Powered Sports Analytics
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Sportlogiq is an AI powered sports analytics company. We help teams win more games and broadcasters engage more viewers.

Our advanced analytics software tracks the location and actions of every player on the ice, field, or court using standard game footage. Machine intelligence techniques are then used to extract meaningful insights from the data collected, allowing teams and fans to understand and experience the game in ways previously unimaginable.

What's Exciting

Sportlogiq is implementing an automated content creation system powered by Arria NLG Studio, to generate data-oriented stories automatically, dynamically, and at scale. These AI-driven insights, gathered from their proprietary datasets, will provide exclusive information on underlying team performance, trends, and systems to help teams win more games and better equip broadcasters to engage more viewers.

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AI (Artificial Intelligence), Video Analytics
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NHL, NFL, NCAA Football

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Montreal, Canada
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