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Swiss Army knife for sports bar managers
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Sport Compass provides a SaaS product designed to be a bar manager’s best friend. Our easy-to-use platform allows sports bars to effortlessly find upcoming matches, organize and optimize viewing schedules, and alleviate the stresses of social media and online marketing tasks. Coupled with providing metrics for data-driven insights to help spur customer growth and retention, this is the Swiss Army knife for sports bar managers.

What's Exciting

In the pre-coronavirus world, we had several users in our home city Copenhagen (Denmark), Malmo (Sweden), and Minneapolis (USA). The slowdown during the pandemic allowed us to optimize the sales strategy, improve the product, and define the brand identity.

In the first 2 months of the sports bar industry re-opening, we’ve reached a 150% increase in new user acquisition in Copenhagen. Having a strong foothold in the capital, we are now looking into covering 40% of independently owned bars in Denmark by the end of 2020.

Interested in putting your sports games scheduling, promotion, and attendance tracking on an autopilot? Feel free to reach out to our Head of Success: Simon,, +45 52525984

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AI (Artificial Intelligence), Business Intelligence, Social Media
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The Dubliner (Copenhagen, Denmark), The Shamrock Inn (Copenhagen, Denmark), Pub og Sport (Copenhagen, Denmark), The Local (Minneapolis, MN, USA)

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Copenhagen, Denmark
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Simon Sulek
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Head of Success
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