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Digital Marketplace for Sport Sponsorship
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Sponsoo is Europe’s leading digital marketplace for sport sponsorship. Their portfolio includes 10,000 athletes, clubs, events, and associations from all over the world.
Using Sponsoo is simple: rights holders can set up a free sponsorship profile. Sponsors can browse the profiles and book sponsorships. To identify the ideal sponsorship opportunity for any given marketing objective, Sponsoo uses a deep data matchmaking algorithm.
With an initial focus on Germany and Austria, Sponsoo has recently been focusing on internationalization.

What's Exciting

Despite the current economic crisis, Sponsoo has just raised funding. With a profitable core business model and a bank account full of money, they can keep investing into further growth while many competitors are struggling with survival.
Key upcoming developments are further improvements in the digital matchmaking algorithm, an international roll-out and a steadily growing sales and marketing team.

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Athlete Empowerment / Promotion, Marketplace, Sponsorship Analytics
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Power System,, BetterCollective

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Hamburg, Germany
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