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The Future of Social Video Marketing
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Spectalix developed a revolutionary video marketing app for businesses, especially for sports clubs (provisional patent application). Based on our groundbreaking deep learning technology, the app allows a mobile phone user to isolate a person’s image from the background in real-time, using a live video capture or a pre-recorded clip in phone gallery.
Simultaneously the segmented person video is being dropped into branded video scenes.
Sports Clubs will dramatically increase fan engagement by constantly generating short and fun clips of their team stars (in the arena or in the locker room) and uploading them on their B2C apps.

What's Exciting

We are currently releasing an APK for evaluation to interested parties, including sports clubs, sports apparel brands, broadcasters and mobile operators. You are invited to try out our app for free.
An iOS version will be available in August 2020. We offer our technology as a white label app that can be easily customized, as well as an SDK for entities who have an app with a large user base.
Covid 19 demands from sports teams to make up for lost revenues. Sponsor need to control their marketing and advertisement budget. We help both teams and sponsors to succeed in the (semi-)lock-down period and thereafter.

Fan and Sponsor Engagement
Athlete Empowerment / Promotion, Social Media, VR (Virtual Reality) / AR (Augmented Reality)
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