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Digital Transformation for Clubs and Federations.
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SMARTMOVE is a Portuguese multinational. It is internationally recognised for its dynamism and high sense of innovation, with more than 20 years of experience and specialised technological and business knowledge.
With the focus on the development of technological and digital solutions and services for the fields of sport, culture and entertainment, SMARTMOVE has a unique ability to create value for its customers, including fan engagement experiences, while also ensuring maximization of revenues for Clubs, Federations and Sports Venue.
Offices in Portugal & Brasil and partnerships in LATAM, Africa and Middle East.

What's Exciting

SMARTFAN – A Global Solution for improving Fan Engagement. All our solutions and business approach as become Fan Centric, and 100% focuses in monetizing with an 360º approach.

Fan and Sponsor Engagement
Business Intelligence, Fan Analytics, Ticketing
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FIFA & UEFA (access control solutions), Portuguese Football Federation – Ticketing, Access Control and Operations in National Stadium Venue, Portuguese Liga, with 17+ Clubs using our solutions, including SL Benfica, FC Porto and Sporting CP, Royal Marroccan Football Federation – Ticketing & Access Control in 4 Venues, technological Consultancy, Brazil 2014 Football World Cup – Access Control in 3 Venues. Still Operating in Castelão Stadium

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Lisbon, Portugal
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Antonio Precatado
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