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Broadcast Immersion Technology
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We are bringing everyone closer to the game in ways never before imagined, with new forms of interaction, immersion, and personalization. From mobile apps, to giant touchscreens, to smart TVs, to VR/AR, we deliver exactly what each fan, commentator, coach, or player wants to see. We are pushing the boundaries of deep tech; machine learning, computer vision, big data, augmented and virtual reality.

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During the NBA’s return to play for the 2020 season in it’s Bubble environment, Second Spectrums “Clippers Courtvision” has been utilised to not only provide statistics to broadcast, but also allow teams to further the immersion of home-court advantage with Augmented Reality driven sponsorships courtside and on the basketball court itself.

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AI (Artificial Intelligence), Official Data Provider, VR (Virtual Reality) / AR (Augmented Reality)
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NBA, Premier League, Major League Soccer, NCAA, ESPN

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Los Angeles, United States
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SportsTech S
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