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Sensor Based Ice Hockey Skating Analytics
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Scorched Ice has partnered with a global skate manufacturer to create the world’s first sensor based skating diagnostic system for hockey skates. The initial version will fit on any brand of skate and will be deployed globally in 2021. The system will measure the basic mechanics of skating, give you a score in each area, let you know where you are today and where you need to improve. You will be able to compare yourself to your peers and the pros.

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Our partners include a global skate manufacturer, a global sensor manufacturer and a global electronics supplier. The team includes two NHL captains, 6 Stanley Cups, 2 Women’s Olympic Gold Medals and 6 World Gold Medals.
Once the system is deployed we will integrate additional sensor products in the equipment along with bio metrics such as heart monitoring, respiration etc.

Athlete Performance or Tracking
Fan Analytics, Performance Data Analytics, Wearables / Smart Devices
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Ice Hockey
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