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Smart Insole for golf and personal training solution
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SALTED is an IoT based digital healthcare solution company, aims to make a healthier life for everyone. Embedded foot pressure sensors in insole assess the body balance, walking pattern & gait. Then the solution application provides the corrective exercise plan and training solution based on individual’s body balance data. We provide healthcare and sports solutions for everyone to live healthier lives.
We have 3 solutions.
First, SALTED Golf. ‘SALTED golf’ provides optimized body balance and weight shift solution in golf swing. Track your swing balance, pressure distribution, and center of pressure(COP) in real-time, and visualize the weight transfer between your left and right foot during the swing to provide actionable voice feedback and a video guide in real-time.
Second, SALTED Training. ‘SALTED Training’ helps users to perform proper form of workout such as running and walking, squats, lunges, dead lift by audio coaching in real-time.
Third, SALTED Balance. ‘SALTED Balance’ provides optimized body balance and weight shift, personalized corrective exercises based one’s body balance data with center of pressure(COP). Analyzes body shape through visualized foot pressure data and the balance and walking analysis of the user’s body shape.

What's Exciting

Our company, Salted, will provide digital healthcare solution to a lot of customer to find and accept more easily. So, we are updating smart insole continuously and developing app. We concentrated on the institution or center so far but we will create new contents for end users. We will make a good relationship to golf academies, coaches and distributors that we knew before. Also, we will make a partnership related to our business actively.

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Performance Data Analytics, Video Analytics, Wearables / Smart Devices
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Golf Academy, Golf Coach, Fitness Coach, Rehabilitaion Hospital,

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Seoul, South Korea
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Pilseob(Jack) Song
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Overseas Marketing Manager
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