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Basketball shot precision tracking for all levels
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RSPCT Tracks shots in high precision.
When measuring shooting, FG% is not a good enough metric. See an example here:
We track the shot’s exact hit location, but also its arc, origin and more, in high resolution, in real time, without interfering with the game.
The core value lies in improving player’s shooting and team decisions, which is relevant for any team, any player, any level. We’re being used anywhere, from 14 NBA teams (making us the leading shot tracking solution in the NBA) to kids’ academies and private coaches.
Since shooting quality is a key ingredient anywhere in basketball, we also offer tools for fan engagement, betting, officiating and more.

What's Exciting

The potential for improvement everywhere is amazing. We’ve use cases demonstrating the value at each level.
The validation and data provided by our NBA leadership are unmatched.
The combination of fun, results and connectivity that the system provides, will make it a part of every basketball experience, on every basket, everywhere.

Data Capture and Analysis
Grassroots / Youth, Performance Data Analytics, Wearables / Smart Devices
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14 NBA teams

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Tel Aviv, Israel
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Oren Moravchik
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