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Cognitive Performance Platform for Athletes
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Rezzil is a unique contextual cognitive performance platform that measures player capabilities and helps develop the traits seen in the world’s best players. Rezzil uses a series of drills that are designed to simulate extreme game pressure and elicit appropriate responses. Each of the drills looks for the type of characteristics seen in elite players.

Rezzil is a also unique rehabilitation tool can mitigate the effects of long term injuries on neuroplasticity – players can train in game style environments with zero impact and a load level tailored to the level of recovery.

What's Exciting

The Rezzil platform is the world’s leading sports VR technology, with unrivalled levels of immersion and the widest range of applications in the market.

Rezzil Analysis will soon be available on all platforms as a way to gain greater game insights without the need for bulky equipment.

In Q4 2020 Rezzil will expand it’s offering into sports other than soccer, including services for basketball, tennis and NFL.

Athlete Performance or Tracking
Computer Vision, Fitness Tech, VR (Virtual Reality) / AR (Augmented Reality)
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Football (Soccer)
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Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Philadephia Union, Club America

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Manchester, United Kingdom
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Andy Etches
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Founder, Sports Director
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