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The racket sports matchmaking app
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RacketPal helps people find racket sports player based on their level, location and availability. The app currently serves the following sports: Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis, Squash and Padel. The huge potential of the project became clear the moment we reached 5,000 registered users in London only a few months after launch in June 2019, while working at it for 8 months part-time and building the app from scratch. Capturing first the London market and then expanding to the whole of UK is our initial plan before starting to expand internationally.

What's Exciting

As we are a B2C product focusing on user engagement has been and will continue to be key to our business. This will be achieved by gamifying the user experience through features such as rankings, badges, groups and leagues. Our vision of becoming The World’s Sports Matchmaking Platform can only be achieved through hard work on the development and roadmap implementation side.

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Fitness Tech, Marketplace
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We are a B2C app our clients are our users. We don’t have any business clients at the moment.

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London, United Kingdom
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Robert Rizea
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CEO & Cofounder
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