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Sports Timing Software for training and competition
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RaceGorilla (formerly known as CloudTimer) provides easy to use sports timing software for both training and competition. The RaceGorilla training app enables the trainer or coach to time up to 15 athletes and show their times live on any (laptop) screen.
RaceGorilla Competition provides a full race management software platform of multiple applications: timing app, race management dashboard, multiple result screen layouts and photocell connections.
Our aim is to provide live results at any race. Race timing can be done by a couple of volunteers, using their own smartphone. There is no need to invest in expensive hardware to have the full experience of a live timed sports event. Our main sports are: time trial- and downhill cycling, triathlon, canoe slalom, downriver, marathon, skiing, rally cross.

What's Exciting

RaceGorilla is basically a manual sports timing tool. It can be operated on a smartphone and the race can managed from any internet connected computer. As the software is fully cloud based, it is possible to work together in a timing team to get the results out live. This work for example on multiple locations or when the finishing density is too high for one person to handle.
A full club triathlon with all transition times and multiple splits can be live timed with just a handful of volunteers with their smartphone.
RaceGorilla has been used all over the world in over 500 events and training sessions.
In 2019 the Jumbo-Visma team won the time trial stage in the Tour the France using RaceGorilla to get split times on 10 split points from all the teams, providing a huge advantage.

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VKKF Flamish canoe association, WSV Dutch watersports association, NTFU Dutch cycling association, Latvian Canoe Association

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Nijmegen, Netherlands
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Maarten Holdrinet
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