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Contactless payment bracelet!
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We are focused on passive wearables. What this means is the power is coming from the reader.  Think about a contactless payment card… This is similar to what technology is found inside our bracelet.  We then create customized designs for our customers depending on their logo and branding. 

The product can be used wherever mastercard contactless payments are accepted. 
On top of that if set up accordingly a ticket can also be connected to the chip.  

What's Exciting

We focus primarily on open loop payment – think about a pre paid mastercard and put this on a customized bracelet that can make payments where Apple Pay is accepted. What is special about open loop is that when the consumer leaves the stadium they can use the bracelet wherever Apple Pay is accepted. So the stadium/sports franchise is able to capture spending habits of fans outside the stadium as well.

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Business Intelligence, Fan Analytics, Ticketing
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American Football
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Hard Rock hotel, banco de colombia, Brazil Pre-Pagos

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New York City, United States
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Ian Gardiner
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Vice President
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