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Earn rewards for completing fitness challenges
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PUML Better Health rewards users for completing fitness challenges. Anyone can download the app to join a challenge and start earning PUML coin which can be redeemed for gift cards, bitcoin, EOS or other merchandise. Leaderboards show participants how they’re ranking in their challenges. PUML also supports live streaming for workouts and other wellness content, in addition to providing pre-recorded videos of wellness content. Companies are able to set up challenges for their employees or divisions to compete against each other. Gyms and fitness studios can also create challenges for their members to compete against each other or other gyms.

What's Exciting

Currently PUML supports step and distance challenges for its users, but soon we will be offering heart rate and hours of sleep challenge capabilities to the platform as well.

Athlete Performance or Tracking
Fitness Tech, Performance Data Analytics
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Notable Clients, Cake Equity, AuraEve,

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Palm Beach, Australia
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Mary Scholten
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Business Development and Marketing Manager
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