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Technical and physical tracking solution
Company Summary

PlayerMaker is an Israeli-British startup company. Composed of two inertial measurement devices which are placed in a silicone strap around the players footwear. Along with AI and ML algorithms, PlayerMaker aims to provide both technical and physical insights into an athletes training programme. Data insights vary from possession data, gait analysis, release velocity and automated video tagging exports. We aim to support each member of the organisations MDT’s needs to help provide better solutions to their performance questions. With no reliance on GPS, the system can be used in both indoors and outdoors environments within multiple aspects of training.

What's Exciting

Our remote coaching solution (Remote), allows clubs and organisations to monitor their athletes from anywhere in the world, while not moving from their office chair. Alongside an increased analysis of an individual’s gait and technical actions in multiple sports, we are aiming to provide further individual solutions and professional services.

Athlete Performance or Tracking
AI (Artificial Intelligence), Wearables / Smart Devices
Sports Tag
Football (Soccer)
Notable Clients

Argentina FA, LA Galaxy, Harvard University, Norwich City, Hull City

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Tel Aviv, Israel
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Steve Barrett
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Director of Sport Science and Research Innovation
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