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A.I. driven coaching app for athletes
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PKRS.AI is the future of personal coaching. Our app provides custom and daily adapted training, nutrition, recovery and nutrition for athletes of all abilities. Built using the brain power of Olympic Gold medalists, world champions, their coaches and support teams, PKRS.AI delivers the most scientifically sound and progressive coaching experience ever developed. “Myra”, our A.I., analyses data and provides updates and adaptations to the daily masterplan so that users get the most personal and reactive training experience possible, all supported by a team of certified human coaches. We are currently focused on the endurance markets of Triathlon, Cycling and Running.

What's Exciting

As we expand we believe that our approach and technology is also perfectly suited to the mass market of fitness enthusiasts and envision a day when the app will be free to everybody thereby elevating the quality of human existence across our planet. We are building the new human race and driving global solutions for a better world.

We are partnered with IRONMAN, the leader in the Triathlon community and Haute Route, who offer peak cycling experiences through their global events

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AI (Artificial Intelligence), Fitness Tech, Health / Med Tech
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IRONMAN, Jan Frodeno (4-time World Triathlon Champion), Leanda Cave (4-time World Triathlon Champion), Haute Route

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Los Angeles, United States
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Sebastien de Jong
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Creative & Product Director
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