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PHYSIOLAB® is a medical devices manufacturer headquartered in Milton Keynes who produce cryo-pneumatic devices that naturally and effectively reduce pain and swelling in post-surgical, acute injury and/or chronic pain cases. We have a single product on the market: the S1 Portable, which has been developed to incorporate unique selling points that resonate with key audiences in elite sports, orthopaedics and physiotherapy.

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Following years of working with some of the top sporting organisations in the UK, we are proud to supply Team GB with our products ahead of the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. In addition to this, we are in the process of working with leading UK orthopaedic surgeons and groups to produce a series of clinical studies, examining the impact of PHYSIOLAB® on patient pain scores and AVLOS (Average Length Of Stay).

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British Olympic Association, English Institute of Sport, Manchester United, Isokinetic London

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Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
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Jasmine Vickers
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Marketing & Ecommerce Manager
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