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Smarter navigation for iconic precincts
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PAM is the world leader in smart navigation, enabling your environment and your customers to completely understand one another. PAM creates powerful customer experiences, seamlessly connecting your visitors with events and brands in real-time. Engage your guests from the moment they decide to come to your venue, from anywhere in the city. Provide a personalized journey using the best routing, transport and parking to create a more pleasurable, productive, and profitable precinct.

What's Exciting

PAM provides a single management system for all precinct navigation. Use PAM to power your digital navigation touchpoints – 3D Mapping with PAM’s 360 Explorer provides directions anywhere on your property and shows the best route to any service or amenity on any mobile device. Kiosks on site help visitors connect with events, experiences, classes or services. Smart directional signage replaces key directional signs so that information can be changed throughout the day, specific to visitor needs. Use PAM OS to manage physical and digital sign information including sign locations, messaging, costs and fabrication and create a virtual twin of your facility.

Stadium and Venues
Disability / Mobility, News / Content, VR (Virtual Reality) / AR (Augmented Reality)
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NFL Stadiums, World Cup Stadiums, Olympic Stadiums

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Sydney, Australia
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Jason Hutty
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VP Sales and Marketing
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