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Real-time capture & analysis of biometric data.
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ORB is a real-time health, wellness & performance data platform. We offer accurate, real-time, deep insights into physiology, captured non-invasively during work, rest & play. Our custom designed mouthpieces contain health & performance-monitoring sensors that track a users activity. The unique biometric data captured is able to provide deeper insights and understanding to individuals and teams enabling more informed choices to be made about why something has happened and the direct physiological effects. Initially tested in professional sport, our offer is valued globally by individuals, companies and clubs in the Health, Wellness, Dentistry, Sport, Broadcasting, Military and Research sectors.

What's Exciting

We have developed prototypes of both the proprietary data platform and “smart-mouthguards”, testing the smart-mouthguards with professional rugby teams. Over the last 18 months we have won a national innovation award (MIAT 2019) and been finalists in a global pitch competition (Alibaba Jumpstarter) along with having interest from a national sports broadcaster and setting up a Knowledge Transfer Partnership for a concussion study with Leeds University. Our passionate and expert team has allowed all development to happen in house, meaning all IP is owned by ORB and are in the process of filing our first series of patents.

Athlete Performance or Tracking
AI (Artificial Intelligence), Protection / Concussion, Wearables / Smart Devices
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London Scottish FC – Mens Pro Team, Wasps FC Ladies

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London, United Kingdom
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Robert Paterson
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