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Sensor-powered motion analysis platform
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Notch is a hardware + software platform for motion analysis and motion capture products for sports, wellness, and healthcare. Hardware component is the wearable sensor network, that reconstructs 3D avatars of users from their motions right on their smartphones. Software component is the AI engine for motion processing, complemented by apps, developed by Notch Interfaces and third parties.
“Powered by Notch” platform has all the tools necessary to rapidly prototype and launch full-fledged motion analysis products. Notch products are used by thousands of researchers, developers, and scientists from Fortune-500 companies, world’s top universities, healthcare institutions and sports teams.

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Yoganotch is the next product by Notch Interfaces. It is a personal yoga assistant that gives audio feedback on yoga form in real-time. Yoganotch uses smartphone app, and Notch sensors that analyze the body’s position in 3D during yoga practice. The app provides video yoga classes and voice feedback. Yoganotch app would literally advise you to “square your hips” if it senses that your Warrior I alignment could be improved. Practitioners describe Yoganotch as “having an invisible teacher”. Yoganotch works for people of all levels and the feedback is focused on safety and takes the practitioner’s anatomy into account.

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Fitness Tech, Health / Med Tech, Wearables / Smart Devices
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