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AI driven concussion recovery solutions
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Neurovine is digitally transforming brain health in the sports world.
The first product to be released combines data from the brain with advanced machine learning techniques to create real-time feedback to optimize the concussion recovery process. It is making the invisible nature of concussion visible and measurable to athletes and their clinicians. With real-time feedback, this technology allows athletes to push themselves physically and mentally and warns them when they are working too hard.

What's Exciting

Neurovine is developing a deep-learning approach to brain health. This technology is opening the door to many tools that will change the way concussions are diagnosed and the way that athletes heal.

Athlete Performance or Tracking
AI (Artificial Intelligence), Health / Med Tech, Wearables / Smart Devices
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Carleton Raven’s Varsity Athletes

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Ottawa, Canada
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Ashleigh Kennedy
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