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Rapid Hydration Monitoring for Optimal Performance
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MX3 was founded to make it easier for people to measure and manage their personal health. Our team includes engineers, medical professionals, researchers, and professional athletes. Our relevant expertise includes electrochemistry, biomedicine, microfluidics, product engineering and design, signal processing, and machine learning. This breadth of experience makes it possible for MX3 to deliver new products that can transform rapid diagnostics for fitness and overall health. Our team is based in Austin, Texas, USA; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; and Melbourne, Australia—and we’re dedicated to serving teams and athletes worldwide.

What's Exciting

MX3 continues to develop and integrate rapid testing for biomarkers related to sports and performance as well as health and wellbeing. Our first product is our revolutionary hydration testing system that utilizes salivary osmolarity (SOSM) and sweat sodium assessment to allow users to monitor hydration status and develop personalized rehydration strategies.We are currently partnered with Ironman Oceania as their official hydration diagnostics partner and our serving hydration monitoring needs for professional sports teams, military and large mining companies. We currently sell products in the US, Oceania and Europe and continue to expand our markets.

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Fitness Tech
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Carlton Football Club, Sweden National Football Team, US Air Force, UCLA Bruins, St. Louis Cardinals

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Austin, United States
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Gursharan Chana
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Director - Biomedical Science
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