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Real-time, High-Quality Audio Broadcast Technology
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Mixhalo is a real-time audio platform delivering a high-quality, immersive experience for live events including concerts, conferences, festivals, sporting events. Founded by Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger and internationally-acclaimed violinist, Ann Marie Simpson-Einziger, Mixhalo provides real-time audio delivered directly to attendees’ own phones (via an app) and headphones. Mixhalo has been deployed by big names including STAPLES CENTER, Aerosmith, Charlie Puth, Incubus, Metallica, and TechCrunch. The company is backed by investors including Foundry Group, Sapphire Sport, Founders Fund, Defy Partners, Cowboy Ventures, Another Planet Entertainment, Red Light Management, and others in technology, sports and entertainment.

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When it comes to buying a ticket vs. watching the game on the couch, Mixhalo is fighting for the real thing. Mixhalo is the only technology that delivers color commentary in any language to an app on fans’ phones at live sports events – with no delay and crystal-clear sound. Fans simply slip on earbuds and hit play to access innovative content such as the sonic action anywhere on the field and player-curated playlists. They can also view stats and participate in raffles and trivia. The Mixhalo app is fully customizable and can function as an SDK, ideal for branding partnerships.

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VR (Virtual Reality) / AR (Augmented Reality)
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