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miomove smart insole for footstep pressure analysis
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We are developers of technology for an active lifestyle support and our smart insole including pressure sensors helps people to run and walk better by measuring the pressure of their steps. Our unique technology is based on our own in-house SW, HW and sensoric system, that could be implement everywhere you need to measure pressure or tensile, so we believe in great international potential and scalability of our product. We focus on B2B market, we are searching for partners, who wants to have their products smart.

What's Exciting

Run an walk better wirh miomove Smart insole for footstep pressure analysis – your personal trainer, leading you on every step, anytime, anywhere!. Thanks to our mobile app we can visualize the most loaded areas of your foot and alert you to errors caused by incorrect movement habits. So we can improve your posture, body-weight distribution and using the correct muscles of your feet, what is a great prevention of unpleasant pains and injuries caused by incorrect movement habits of the worl’s population.

Athlete Performance or Tracking
AMS (Athlete Management System), Fitness Tech, Health / Med Tech
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Invent Medical, Milos Skorpil’s Running school, International shoemakers, Honeywell

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Slavicin, Czech Republic
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Barbora Malaníková
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CEO & Co-Founder
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