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Virtual Coaching for Every Athlete
Company Summary is the market leader in the very hot sector of Virtual Coaching. Their focus is on the $20B youth and amateur sports industry. They currently have two product lines:

1. The Virtual Coaching Platform (VCP) is in high demand as coaches are adopting the future state of leveraging digital tools at a very fast pace. MaxOne has recently engaged with channel partnerships that could grow their market share to over 80% in the next 6 months.
2. The SmartCoach product uses AI and Computer Vision to automatically coach youth athletes in their sport.

The combination of VCP and SmartCoach uniquely position MaxOne potential to become the go-to app for every athlete of every sport.

What's Exciting

Since the global pandemic has hit, the future state of virtual coaching is being adopted at an incredibly fast pace. We are in process of launching channel partnerships globally and anticipate over a 10X growth in our business over the next 6 months.

Athlete Performance or Tracking
AI (Artificial Intelligence), AMS (Athlete Management System), Performance Data Analytics
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CoachUp, PGC Basketball, True Lacrosse

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Grand Rapids, MI, United States
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Jason Mejeur
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