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Enable Rights Holders and Brands to make proactive and intelligent commercial sponsorship decisions
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Maplytiks is a real-time brand analytics startup that implements proprietary neural networks, advanced Deep Learning and Computer Vision framkeworks to enable stakeholders in the sports and entertainment industry to make informed and intelligent commercial sponsorship decisions. Maplytiks tracks the holistic brand performance across media platforms, providing measurable metrics and deep-data insights to unlock new and optimize existing sponsorship assets

What's Exciting

Real-time granular analytics; Data-science focused on sponsor asset & commercial optimization

Data Capture and Analysis
AI (Artificial Intelligence), Business Intelligence, Sponsorship Analytics
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Turnstile, Cricket Ireland for Turkish Airlines, International Hockey Federation, DHL, ITW Consulting, 4FRONT, Puneri Paltans, U Mumba, India Cements + CSK, New Zealand Hockey, Techfront NZ, CSM/AFFL, Kansas City Chiefs, City Football Group, Advanced Sponsorship Insights

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Chennai, India
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Ravishankar Pathanjali
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Chief Executive Officer
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